Parent House

A Transforming Lift

These porches had sunk up to 6 inches on the front set of columns. A great amount of shoring and jacking coaxed these porches back into their much more flattering and functional original position. Then new footings and first floor deck framing were installed for stronger support and pleasing appearance. Ventilated decking and stairs were added to increase the porches’ longevity to ensure that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. The front columns and bases along with all the railings were replaced with custom turned components to rejuvenate the entire space. Next, a new colour scheme was chosen : dark grey for the decking, dark green was used on the skirting, railings, bases, rosettes, flower centres and dentals. Then a light cream was applied for contrast on the spindles, ceiling, soffits and frieze board. A gorgeous medium gold highlights the columns, flower petals, arches and porch dividers while the lattice, donut- shaped bases, triangles, coves, flower rings and crowns complete the look with a light green. Accenting the once drab-coloured elements allowed us to discover some of the lost detail, particularly the pediment flowers and the large end bracket of the flower entablature. Building on the strength of the millwork, the colours work in synergy to make these porches an undiscovered jewel in the heart of the Byward Market.

“We were very happy with Paul and his team. To restore our heritage porch, they sat down with us to identify the work needed and provided expert advice concerning every facet of the project from colours to architectural details. Their craftsmanship was outstanding and each member of the team was professional and reliable. The result was a beautiful award-winning design.” Nathalie & Bruno

This project involved restoring original woodwork.

2008 – The Ottawa Citizen: ‘Old idea’ back in Vogue – Wins Award

2008 – City of Ottawa Heritage Award: Award of Merit – Parent House

2006 – Best Housing Detail – Parent House




ByWard Market, Ottawa