Fairmeadow House

Despite the essential and ongoing role our laundry room plays in our lives, we tend to forget about these spaces. In older homes, laundry rooms are generally found in the basement in unhelpful and unwelcoming spaces. They often increase the chances of mildew and rot as well as block out any natural light. Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement? If you dislike being in your laundry room, call us; we can transform your laundry room a beautiful space.

At Denys Builds Designs Renovations, we provide the finest laundry room renovations Ottawa has to offer. As your expert home contractors/general contractors, we ensure our laundry room organization solutions minimize mess and maximize space. We’ll advise on the best green-friendly machines, which will boost asking prices if the time comes to sell your home. We’ll also provide a closet organization solution that opens up your living space and optimizes your storage space.

Want to brainstorm for ideas? Get inspired by looking at some of the laundry room renovations we’ve done for our happy customers in Ottawa during our many years of experience, we’ve included a series of examples below that showcase our expertise.