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As renovators, we suffer the sins of the previous builder and this Ottawa bathroom renovation proved to be an extreme case. Modernizing this dysfunctional eyesore required reworking every surface; from ceiling to floor, and all walls in between.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and an aging bathroom can present a wealth of problems. Aging fixtures, broken fixtures, accessibility issues, and outdated designs can all contribute to a less than welcoming bathroom space. As experienced bathroom remodelers and contractors, we can develop the right solution for your needs.

At Denys Builds Designs Renovations, we provide one of the finest bathroom renovations Ottawa has to offer. We know that there are many bathroom contractors in Ottawa to choose from; however our level of skill, innovation and artful attention allows us to say we offer one of the best renovations and remodeling services in Ottawa… an opinion shared by our satisfied clients!

We will create a beautiful and functional bathroom in your space, and we can adjust our services to fit a variety of budgets. From discreet powder rooms to luxurious open-plan master bathrooms, you tell us what you want and we’ll design it for you, providing expert advice along the way.  Our thorough bathroom renovations include bathroom design and remodeling, new flooring, new fixtures, new trim, new drywall and everything else you need for your bathroom. But that is not all: being an experienced bathroom designer as well, Denys can avoid mistakes before they are installed.