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Tache House

If you own a heritage property, it is essential to work with experienced expert restoration contractors who know exactly what to do. Denys Builds Designs Renovations is known for building restoration throughout Ottawa. Our success with Ottawa heritage sites and our customers’ satisfaction are thanks to our many years of experience along with a true passion for restoring heritage buildings with love, care and craftsmanship.

As an experienced heritage restoration contractor, we work with you to understand your personal renovation vision.  With the trained eye of an expert builder, designer and renovator, we’ll suggest renovation needs specific to your heritage home. From adding a third floor for extra rooms, bathrooms, and organizational space to repairing damaged areas to updating layout in accordance with modern design, we’ve done it all. Throughout the process, we can update the systems, appliances, and other features within your home to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives.  Why not help the environment and boost the value of your home while maintaining its Ottawa heritage character? We will always ensure the unique details of your heritage home get the attention they deserve, changing only as much as safety, modern updates, or expansion require.

To see some of our beautiful building restorations across Ottawa, we’ve included a series of examples from previous happy customers. We hope the value of our many years of experience, are showcased in our work below.