Philomene House

Ancient Forest Saved. Windows Reborn.

Some say the greenest house is the one already built. By restoring these century old windows, the wood from old growth trees has its working life extended. A special method of steam baking softens the putty and paint. This allowed us to harvest the old wavy glass. The harvested glass was installed with special latex base putty and a nice top coat of paint. A beautiful solution that’s ready to last another 100 years at less than the cost of a new window.

The window sashes (frames) were stripped with special hollow scrapers. The attached EPA HEPA vacuum removed the lead paint. Repaired, primed and painted, the sashes were given a new lease on life.

This project rejuvenated existing 100 year-old windows to be more energy efficient thereby saving energy while at the same time reducing consumption of materials in terms of delaying purchase of new windows.

“The windows were perfectly restored, and enhance the 1874 exterior elegantly.” Don & Carol




Sandy Hill, Ottawa