Eaton House

Starting off on the right footing

“If you want the best possible job done, with the best materials, in a timely fashion, and with the least possible inconvenience Paul Denys is your man. In particular, his expertise in restoration work is top-notch.

If, on the other hand, you want the cheapest shoddy work possible, he is not. ”

This great little wine bar on Fourth Avenue had distinct two storey columns that had deteriorated over the years. Each foot was starting to rot away. One of the stone piers was out of position as well and needed adjustment. It was a tight site with little space to maneuver, but efficient work allowed the wine bar to stay open for business. Each column was braced one at a time to allow for its replacement and new base.The existing segmented pier was disassembled carefully and then reassembled in the correct position. Long lasting powder-coated custom cast aluminum bases were installed onto new pre-painted columns before they were raised into position with block and tackle. Not only did the bar stay open during renovation but, they didn’t even lose service on the patio. Without skipping a beat, the renovation was complete leaving this porch and busy wine bar on good footing.




Glebe, Ottawa