Mason House Kitchen Renovation Ottawa

Shrink Your Thinking - Small is Beautiful

When you live small, you learn to utilize every inch you live and work in. Everything is maximized in this compact but versatile kitchen. The size of the sink is pivotal. Gone are the days of wastefully filling up double sinks to do the dishes by hand since today's dishwasher can make dishes spotless with less than a gallon of water. You might think a small single sink would give you the most useful counter space but it's not the case. Today's large single work-station sinks are the dominant green choice, since they are doing double duty as food washing and prep stations, straining pasta, fruit, and vegetables while offering an extra chopping surface. Also, it's a great place to stage dirty pots and pans on their way to the dishwasher.

Cabinets & Storage

Cabinets are created from smoke-tinted and natural bamboo, which is sustainable and fast growing. Extra drawers are built in to the toe-kicks, and blind corner pull-outs squeeze the last bit of usable space from the kitchen. A frosted glass sliding panel hides pull-out shelving and makes access to toasters, blenders and staples a breeze. Hands-free compact garbage and compost bins maximize under-sink space, along with custom built pocket shelves for scrubbers and cloths. The hinged peninsula bamboo table on wheels doubles as another counter surface, and custom glass shelves are built into an upper cabinet door to create quick access to preferred oils and vinegars. An integrated aluminum groove in the frosted glass back-splash allows for flexible placement of wall mounted holders for a cook book, rolls of tin foil, wax paper, and recyclable paper towel, as well as a place for keys. Back splash outlets are tucked up under upper cabinets for easy and clean access. The addition of a custom-made olive wood magnetic knife block frees up precious drawer space while providing safe and easy access to the knives when needed.


Back light solid glass countertops, that can easily be recycled in the future, cap off this kitchen with a choice of colour to suit your mood.
Right-sizing or shrink your thinking. Small is beautiful.


A bright new window is positioned behind the cook top to reduce the need for day-time lighting and to feel connected to the outside. A solar tube disguised as a large recessed circular light fixture means there is no need to turn on lights on sunny days. To brighten the space further, efficient LED lighting is integrated inside and under upper cabinets and under staircase landings. Under-the-counter and toe-kick LED lighting comes on with a timed motion-activated switch which also allows a hands-free push to open lower cabinet drawers.


The compact energy efficient German 18” dishwasher can clean a place setting for 8-10 easily. In this small kitchen we incorporate 3 quick-cooking energy efficient 24" wall ovens; a convection oven, a microwave oven and a steam oven. They eliminate the need for most counter-top cooking appliances and therefore allow more space to be used for other things. The steam convection oven replaces such appliances as slow cookers, bottle sterilizers, rice cookers, and vegetable steamers and reheats food more evenly than a microwave. It's a snap to clean, can cook multiple dishes at the same time without flavor transfer, and can align timing so they all finish at the same time. The convection oven, with its heating elements, can cook up 60 cookies at a time on 5 shelves or a 15 pound chicken on a hidden rotisserie. The 'auto roast' function of the oven allows you to get on with other things while it sears the outside of your cut, then slow cooks it to fall-off-the-bone perfection. The green choice of a 24" induction cook top allows for full drawers to be placed below it. To maximize floor space, the fridge is recessed 4" into the wall behind it. A green low energy DC kitchen fan vents quietly and quickly to the outside.

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