Euclid House Kitchen Renovation Ottawa

A Modern Contemporary

Emerging from a dream pantry, one finds a kitchen that keeps pace with expectations and modern style. Book match grain with black walnut doors set the atmosphere as you take in the design and details. Created with long lasting, soft closing German hardware, this kitchen offers a sublime cooking experience. The modern stainless steel DC current fan with LED lighting makes cooking quieter and more energy efficient.

There's no need to turn on the lights to see what’s for breakfast or lunch, light pours in through the new ten foot energy-saving window. As the sun sets and dinner decisions arise, you'll find the gorgeous, stain glass, black walnut, pocket sliding doors assisting and enhancing selection and preparation.

The doors move in unison when one is moved. Two solar tubes make the closed stain glass pantry doors glow. While the doors are open, everything is elegantly displayed and easy to see.

Energy-saving German appliances built on a twenty year platform (versus the ten year span of North American appliances) complete this beautiful and durable kitchen and make it a modern choice amongst its contemporaries.

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