Belmont House Kitchen Renovation Ottawa

"I hired Paul Denys to redo my kitchen – a job that we estimated would take about 2 months. We had a number of pre-construction discussions about design, materials, appliances, and so on, so that everything was pretty much set up in advance. I learned a lot about colour and design from Paul, and he saved me a lot of running around and potential headaches by steering me in the direction of reliable trades-people. As is often the case with older homes, once he started working on the kitchen (an addition from the '70s) he discovered that it was structurally unsound – sloping floor inadequately supported from below, sagging roof inadequately supported and not insulated, walls not insulated and poorly constructed… He and his cheerful apprentice Sandy ended up almost entirely rebuilding the kitchen addition from the inside out, then installed the actual kitchen as we had so carefully planned it. I would not have invested in this degree of reconstruction and kitchen installation, if I had not quickly recognized that Paul is a master builder with solid design sense, high standards and collaborative approach. I trusted his judgment and workmanship entirely and was never less than fully satisfied with the results. My kitchen is now solid,level and warm; aesthetically pleasing and integrated with the rest of the house; and extremely functional. It has become my favourite room in the house. I would recommend Paul without hesitation to anyone interested in investing in quality workmanship. "

Belmont House

A Fond Remembrance

This renovated kitchen harkens back to simpler time, mixing old-world style with sleek modern appliances. We chose traditional materials for some aspects like the pewter handles on the natural cherry cabinets. Other choices merely look traditional but leverage modern construction like the two tone basket weave frosted glass back splash and the granite like acrylic counter tops.

The dark amber of the hardwood floors mirror tones uncovered in the demolition process. Older windows were rejuvenated with modern weather-stripping. A grander patio door was installed, letting in an abundance of light. Antique leaded, wavy glass with bevel cut diamonds give aesthetic refinement to the china and crystal. The century old table and chairs welcomes you like an old friend to a space of great comfort, conjuring a fond remembrance of times past.

This project incorporated energy saving dimmers, energy saving appliances, infinitely recyclable counter top Acrylic material (Great Cradle to Cradle potential), and custom ordered pre finished flooring.

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