Mason House

Shrink your thinking - small is beautiful

When you live small, you learn to utilize every inch you live and work in. Everything is maximized in this compact but versatile kitchen. The size of the sink is pivotal. Gone are the days of wastefully filling up double sinks to do the dishes by hand since today’s dishwasher can make dishes spotless with less than a gallon of water. You might think a small single sink would give you the most useful counter space but it’s not the case. Today’s large single work-station sinks are the dominant green choice, since they are doing double duty as food washing and prep stations, straining pasta, fruit, and vegetables while offering an extra chopping surface. Also, it’s a great place to stage dirty pots and pans on their way to the dishwasher. Check out more photos below from our Mason House kitchen renovation in Ottawa.




Rideau Gardens, Ottawa