Belvedere House

A Touch of Glass

To begin, the third floor bathroom door shifts from the hallway into the master bedroom. This fundamental change of the space allows the room to blossom with the addition of a luxurious 40”x40” shower. The unique style of claw foot tub is enhance and refreshed with an ice grey paint to match the art deco tile that defines the walls.

With the newly defined space comes redefinition of light. A solar tube illuminates the shower area of the master bedroom ensuite, promoting daylight and reducing the need for electrical light. This unique Sun tube has internal lights for nighttime and a fan to vent the shower moisture. Integrated into the side of the glass shower door is a robe hook and a loop to store your razor. Completing the shower are triangular glass shelves, supplying room for storage, plus a place to rest one’s foot while shaving.

This project contains an energy saving Solar Tube skylights with integrated fans and night time lights.

This project contain an recycled existing claw foot tub, energy saving Solar tube and a re-plated cast iron heat grill & door hardware.

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New Edinburgh, Ottawa