Aylmer House

Simplicity & Synergy

This old fireplace was out of proportion with everything around it. Too tall for the room, the fireplace’s size and style cluttered the atmosphere. Simplifying the aesthetic brings synergy back to the space. Lowering the height of the fireplace and increasing its width and depth integrates it seamlessly into its environment.

The fireplace decorative surround is composed of a cradle to cradle (infinitely recyclable), acrylic material. Should it ever be scratched, a few minutes of sa6nding heals everything. Nobody needs to cry. The light weight design requires no extra framing to carry extra heavy material. Down lighting with a soft fade dimmer was integrated into the four corners of the room for setting just the right romantic mood.

“We had some definite ideas about how we wanted this project to look. Paul used his extensive knowledge both of modern construction methods and the industry itself to pull together the people and the materials to put this together. And he used his exceptional design sense to improve on our notions and come up with something we think is fabulous. And in doing the work, his attention to detail and timing were equally impressive.” Chris

The fireplace was made of infinitely recyclable Acrylic material (Great Cradle to Cradle potential) . This space uses energy saving dimmers.




Old Ottawa South, Ottawa