Atwood Elevations

An Elegant Embellishment

The first floor woodwork for these three old store fronts had long since been removed. Based on the existing third floor cornice woodwork, a first floor transition cornice was created. These cornices become more elegantly embellished as you head west.

The Atwood, the most easterly elevation is the most spartan of the three.

Two large brackets on either side of the bottom of the pair of bay windows support a continuous soffit that unifies all three elevations. Two stone corbels top off the large brackets helping define where the elevation ends and begins.

The middle elevation continues with four more of these large brackets spaced apart with a series of dental mouldings replicating the top floor cornice.

Another stone corbel helps define the transition point to the next elevation. A custom crown moulding based on the profile of these corbels was made to connect all three stone corbels in the first two store fronts.

The third and west most elevation has some of the most ornate brackets.

They are like large scrolls that are finished with ornately hand-carved flowers. These scrolled brackets are bookended with two large double-arched brackets that mimic those on the top floor.

The windows were scraped down to base wood and restored with new paint from a Heritage palette of colours. Some stone restoration was required to the top stone corbels. Architectural accent lighting was added to illuminate the whole elevation and help celebrate this wonderful restoration even after the sun has set.

This project involved restoring missing elements based on existing elements.

2008 – City of Ottawa Heritage Award: Award of Merit




ByWard Market, Ottawa