"You have an impeccable sense of design, and a really fine knowledge of what's available (continentally!, not just locally), but you always listen so thoroughly, and question so carefully, that we end up with a seamless blend of your expertise and our taste. In my experience of craftsmen, that's very rare. ...the renovation is so much in character with the house and our needs that we simply don't remember what was there before."

Bern & Elenor

Using six Ikea book cases, two standard glass doors, clear stock pine and glass panels, the existing living room becomes two comfortable and functional home offices ... and the transition took less than three days. One office doubles as the spare guest bedroom and quiet room. The other office opens onto the staircase allowing on-going monitoring of the house activities. The use of glass gives the partition a light and unobtrusive feel.

This project involved building a reversible wall divider out of existing book cases will maintaining natural day lighting.

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