Mason House Bedroom Renovation Ottawa

"This is Denys' own home and, at 500 square feet, it's minuscule.…Note other Denys space-enhancing touches: a built-in storage cupboard over the stairwell; over-doorway shelves for books and bath needs, a closet that's been converted into a dining room buffet, and mirrored closet doors that make a bedroom seem twice as large."

The Ottawa Citizen, September '94

A Spatial Place

When your whole house measures just 500 square feet, a little extra space is a godsend. Here, the attic has been totally transformed into a 13-foot by 13-foot master bedroom though through artful and clever planning it feels even bigger. The staircase connects the addition to the main floor by curving up over the eating area in the kitchen. No living space is sacrificed for the addition.

Natural light pours in through a skylight and brightens the open stairwell and eating area. In an effort to be as functional space-wise as possible, a storage closet is built into the wall half-way up the stairs.

This project involved energy saving dimmers.


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