MacKay House Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

"I want to thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. I just got home from work and walked up the basement stairs to open the door to rooms full of flowers. The orchid is beautiful, and it is one of my favourites. The flowers in the washroom are just brilliant. How did you choose the vase you did. It suits the place perfectly. Thank you for making our home look so beautiful. I am just grateful, you came up with such beautiful touches. Thank you so much again!!!"


Just the bare necessities

From your first step onto the heated pedicure pebble floor, this clear space envelops you with calm and comfort. Radiant light saturates everything with the help of a full size mirror and large luxurious white porcelain wall tiles. Low flow faucets, shower and toilet ensure your spa experience is a nurturing one for you and the environment while the solitary glass divider makes for easy cleaning.

This Project contain energy saving dimmer & lighting, water saving toilet & tap set and shower and minimal use of materials plus green built cabinets.


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