Holland House Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

"Thanks again for all the great work you did on our home. We continued to be thrilled with the changes everyday. Our daughter is especially grateful to you and Barb and Robert for the main floor powder room which appears to have become her domain. She is thrilled to show our guests the secret room under the stairs! My preconceived notion of renovations was that we would be living in disarray for weeks. We appreciated the daily clean-up so we could live in our home with minimal disruption."

Liz & Robert

Cozy and Comfortable

This small but cozy bathroom was created under a set of stairs on the main floor. Rather than covering up the shape of the under side of the staircase, a decorative design enhances their shape giving a unique look and feel to the space. A small architectural salvage door completes a welcoming atmosphere and provides entrance to this cozy world.

This project involved energy saving dimmers


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