Arbour House Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

Zenfully Green

This small chop-up bathroom was in two disjointed pieces; a small closet-like room for the toilet and a dark cramped tub and sink room.

Removing the walls between the two and amalgamating both entrances, creates a palatial single bathroom with an ensuite door. New trim restores and highlights the redesigned space that features a peaceful zen-like atmosphere and an environmentally friendly core.

The uniquely curved tub provides more than just a relaxing esthetic. The deeper tub provides the same floating experience as its longer cousins, only with less water consumption. Moreover the placement allows for hidden toiletries and towels storage. To complete the bathing sanctuary, an overhead Low Flow Rain Shower head stands ready to wash worry away. Air injection technology calms the environmentally conscious as well, making less water feel like more. A thermostatic shower control ensures the water is always at the right temperature with little or no wait so you can enjoy a soothing shower sooner. The low volume pull-out hand shower adds yet another perk. Both the shower and sink incorporate anti-scalding designs to protect those we love.

The monolithic mirror adds more than style, reflecting more light into the room, and reducing the need for lights. When illumination is needed, the orb shaped light fixture on the mirror acquires a floating quality above the sleek custom designed bamboo vanity and seashell limestone counter. The low energy fan quietly maintains a dry and healthy environment. The water saving toilet and re-imagined chrome heating grill complete the green and Zen direction of the room, making a simple and natural haven-like space.

"Thanks for completely transforming our bathroom into a beautiful and extremely functional space. We have had many compliments. Thanks for your hard work and being so mindful of keeping the area safe and clean for our kids during the renovation process."

David and Lindy

This project contain water saving tub, toilet & tap set plus energy saving dimmers, bamboo vanity and a re-plated cast iron heat grill.


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